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Tippmann As the world leader in high-performance paintball markers and accessories, Tippmann prides itself on making quality products that can withstand the rigors of the game. From our all-weather/all-temperature CVX valves to our extra-tough marker finishes, Tippmann uses the highest technology to make our products strong, durable and affordable - always with today's paintball player in mind. houses one of the largest collections of paintball specific photography on the web, and has for nearly a decade. Gary Baum, a photographer based in Southern California, whose photos have appeared in nearly every paintball publication printed today, founded the site. currently staffs over 25 photographers and covers the vast majority of paintball events the world over. .
Tiberius Arms Tiberius Arms is the manufacturer and creater of the greatest pistol ever designed for paintball. The TAC-8 is a semi-automatic 8 round magazine fed pistol with the range and accuracy of most entry and mid-line MARKERS on the market.

Welcome to the Orange County Mobile Infantry



Founded in 2005, out of a combination of the love of classic woodsball and the boredom of corporate America, the Orange County Mobile Infantry(OCMI) is a scenario/woodsball paintball team that operates out of the Orange County California area. We promote safety, fair play, good sportsmanship, and the love of playing paintball in the woods. We feel that paintball is a fun way to simulate the pressures of combat that bring out the best in mankind while decreasing those pressures that bring out his worst. We honor America’s heroes who do not play war but rather risk their lives every day. We play mostly in the Southern California area at such places as SC Village, Jungle Island, and Camp Pendleton Paintball. We are willing to travel to a certain extent to play teams which have a similar team based style of play as us.


Prayers for Mage of the Southwest Regulators

Saskia Burke, daughter of "Mage" of the Southwest Regulators was killed on the morning of December 20th. We at OCMI would like to extend our condolences to the family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please follow the link below to sign the guestbook and make a donation to the memorial fund.

Remembering Saskia


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  • New and Improved Welcome to the new and improved OCMI website. If you have registered before but cannot log in, go ahead and register again. Here's a few of the new features:    1. All team...
  • Political Power Many years of war and political rivalry has started to tear apart the United States. Republicans and Democrats have fought over every seat in the Congress, Senate, and that most coveted position, the...
  • Tanks We currently have two light tanks: LV-1 and LV-2. Both are built on heavily modified electric golf cart chassis and are equipped with both a duel Tippmann A-5 “Double Trouble” marker...
  • Decay of Nations 4 10 years have passed since the last epic world conflict between the UNA (United Nations of America) and the joint forces of the corporate oil juggernaut, EKRON and the United Asian Front. The UNA were...

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