Pushing the Cutting Edge of the Tech World

It’s been said that one can be left behind within the tech world simply by blinking. And there’s good reason to have high regard for the pace of technological development. Cutting edge technology has a tendency to spring out of nowhere and evolve at a breakneck pace. One of the most recent examples can be found with cloud servers and the related technologies.


One of the more remarkable things about cloud servers is the fact that so many people don’t even know they’re using one. While cloud servers have unique features, they can more or less act as a drop in component where traditional servers such as a dell server are called for. This path of easy migration is part of the reason they’ve caught on so quickly. But while this brings people to cloud servers, what keeps them there is the potential for growth.

There’s a vast array of benefits that are unique to cloud servers. But one of the most important comes from scaling. Traditional servers are bought or rented based on a set number. There’s usually a physical object attached to any given number. The RAM in a hosting plan will be the actual physical object that sits within the server. This isn’t the case with cloud servers, and it’s one of their most intriguing features. Cloud servers can expand most aspects of themselves on demand. In the same way that a real cloud grows or shrinks with water, so can a cloud server grow or shrink based on demand. Basically, this means that someone just starting out can have a fairly inexpensive cloud server. If his or her site suddenly gains a spike in popularity than the server will grow to accommodate it. Traditional servers simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand and would become sluggish or even crash. In the end the owner would have to pay for upgrades which might not even be used later on. With cloud servers one can more easily pay on an as needed basis. A cloud server can easily grow or shrink as needed, and payment will shift accordingly as well.


The fact that the cloud lacks firm limits can also be seen in another area of innovation. Cloud servers are rapidly becoming the backbone of a new generation of hybrid programs. Unix based programs would often separate GUI elements from the part of a program doing the more CPU intensive tasks. Cloud servers are taking that in a unique direction with mobile apps. It’s quite common for cloud servers to act as the computational end for websites, web apps and mobile apps. The same data and logic can sit and work within a cloud server. Different GUI setups can then be coded for a variety of different platforms. These GUI based systems are usually quite easy to code compared to complex backend and database code. By keeping intensive calculations on the cloud server one can easily port applications to a variety of different devices and platforms. Of course this is only the beginning of the innovations happening with cloud servers. It’s a fast moving system which is rapidly branching out in new directions every day.